Mental Fitness Coach   – Helping you to create a life you love.

Graham Turner


With over 20 years of experience helping clients achieve vitality and Mental fitness to create the life, they have always wanted. Is that something you would like?

Love the life you live, Be your own Creater


I’m Graham

Hello and welcome. My name is Graham  and below I will tell you a little about myself and how I help people like you live healthy and fulfilling lives full of mental fitness, vitality and love

I help a wide variety of people to achieve their goals and dreams by overcoming their self-doubt and present beliefs in order to optimise mind, body, health and lifestyle. To live a long and happy life.

With one simple message ” anyone can improve” by making success simple…

What most people don’t know about me is that over the past 20 years I’ve been a trusted advisor, to hedge fund investors, Ceo’s, Seo’s Fco’s and MD’s of utility companies, international software companies, pharmaceutical and engineering companies.

I’ve helped create space for doctors, surgeons, lawyers and small business owners who found themselves confined by their own thinking.

I’ve helped create conditions so that entrepreneurs, executives a business people could see what they could not see before.

I’ve been an unbiased voice of guidance for aspirational footballers and basketballers who were deafened by the needs of others.

How can I help you?

What I Do

Service #1

Create a life you love. Online Program

generate lasting positive habits, not just insights by creating mental fitness

( Coming soon- message for more information)

Service #2

Create a life you love. personal coaching

Would you like to love your life fully without compromise?  achieve more and be more fulfilled? generate lasting positive habits, not just insights by creating mental fitness

Service #3

Child and family support

Helping children see for themselves that they are perfect at their essence and are not broken.


I am a professional footballer, I seeked the help of graham when I had ongoing trouble with my back. I sustained a stress fracture at under 15s where it kept me out of football for most of a season which was a huge physical and mental step back for me. Graham then took me on board and rehabbed me and helped me greatly into making me the player i am today! Without grahams help i don't know where i would be. Not only does graham help you physically he also helps you mentally, he is always there to have a chat with you if you have any queries or problems, turning your mood from a negative one to a positive one! He gives you everything you need no matter what your physical goal may be, he is definitely someone who i will work with for a very long time.

Kyle C

I've worked with Graham for over 10 years now in a variety of areas including hypnotherapy, fitness and weight loss. I've found Graham to be just the right mixture of supportive yet pushes for results. As a therapist it can be a challenge to work with another trained therapist, however Graham is a natural who quickly creates an environment you can trust and the results are worth every penny!


Fantastic coach has an unlimited amount of knowledge completely transformed me - highly recommended.




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