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Graham Turner


Over the past few months, I’ve worked with people who had an interest in self-development, and who are open to the spiritual nature of the universe.✔
Who had questions concerns and worries about their own self-worth value and place in the universe✔
This manifested in imposter syndrome, personal and business relationship issues, questions, and concerns about the future while always being focused on what was outside of their control.✔
I’ve worked with people just starting out and transitioning through careers as well as those looking towards retirement.✔
The value they get from working with me.
A deeper understanding of their own mind and how they facilitate long-lasting peace.✔
Practicable and sustainable tools to use in the future. That will help them through whatever life seems to throw at them.✔
An understanding, objective, unbias professional with a wide knowledge base through many situations and professions.✔
An understanding that if there’s a problem this is a solution and if there’s no solution there’s no problem.✔

Love the life you live, Be #UNFUCKWITHABLE


I’m Graham

There are many coaches out there telling you that they can get you to live a fantastic life. They can fix you and if you do what they tell you everything that you’ve ever wanted you will have.


And that might be the case, you just know there’s a however coming and yes there is. I fell for the stories hook line and sinker and all that happened was I spent more money and felt I was more broken and needed to be fixed.


Let’s take you back to the beginning. I married quite early in life and was a faithful obedient hard-working conscientious and loving father. Everything society expected me to be, so much so that I quickly started to lose my own identity. Martial arts that I loved stopped, the friends that I once had were lost and my own personal time was taking up with everyone else.


To be honest we were both living unfulfilled lives, neither happy nor communicating the reality of what was going on.  I don’t think we noticed it at first but then, we started to resent life and each other, being angry at situations and circumstances. Until one day 10 years into a marriage, I packed two black bin bags, walked downstairs, sat down, and had the painful conversation with my wife that I was leaving.


That conversation was the hardest, most painful conversation I had. It signified “I was a Failure” “I was incapable of being a man” and now lost with no identity, no home, or money in a personal bank account, very little to my name in fact.


I ended up going to my parents’ house, where I was greeted with suspicion, with anger with no emotional support or sympathy. I was already feeling a failure and responsible for the breakdown of my marriage and manhood. My parents backed up these thoughts as often as they could.


In short, I was mentally, physically, and financially broken, I felt there was no support, guidance, or help whatsoever. To me, my parents, the legal system, and ex all wanted to make me pay in whatever where they could.


It took years and another long relationship before I stopped looking to be fixed, I stopped looking to be someone else for other people. I stopped trying to get other people to love and like me and started working on liking and loving myself.


I started putting myself first, looking after my mental and physical body, making myself the priority, losing over 12 kilos of fat along the way, investing in my emotional well-being, and having the ability to look at myself in the mirror and saying I love myself on a daily basis.


I’ve learned a lot along the way not only from my journey and experiences, from the qualifications and training I have undertaken, the help, support, and guidance have given to others both professionally and personally. The wonderful relationships I have created and forged even broken ones with friends and family.


I want this for you… No matter how broken and isolated you may feel, have physically and emotionally you feel drained or empty. I want you to feel vital, healthy, and whole brimming with confidence and the ability to take on the world.

This was who i was and this below is my decloration to you and the world now of who i am BEing and showing up in the world.



I am unconditional love for myself and all others. 


I am courageous.


I am physically, emotionally and spiritual strength. 


I am a creative force flowing with the energy of the universe.


I am trusting, supportive and compassionate. 


I am  honesty, the integrity of my word. 


I am non judgemental and accepting to all.


I am the wisdom of my past and the knowledge of my future. 


I am uncompromising in my search for universal love and to the service of humanity.


I am enough.


I Am.



What I Do

Coaching Package One



One-to-one powerful laser coaching: Tier One



Immersive coaching with you at the center of it all. Working on specific behavior improvements or specific issues over 3 months

Tier one accountability:

This coaching package looks to grow your accountability and independence.


There are up to five  1-hour calls including objectives and evaluation calls with an objective and insight-based focus.


Additionally to this email and WhatsApp or Viber contact and response weekdays within 24 hours of receiving communication.


Plus a monthly Viber satnav day


The financial investment of the tier 1 package is £1,270







payment plans available

Coaching Package Two





Tier two Support:


This coaching package looks at not only growing your accountability and independence but adding further support and education to further your acceleration and development towards your outcome and goals over a three-month period.


There are up to eight 90-minute calls including objectives and evaluation calls with objective and insight-based focus.


Additionally to this email and WhatsApp contact and response Monday to Saturday within 12 hours of receiving communication, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.


There is also a fortnightly Viber satnav day for strategy and evaluation to laser focus on specific areas.


The financial investment of the tier 2 package is £3,485
















Payment plans available


Coaching Package Three:




The Business Partner who has your back and never pulls punches: 

Tier 3 growth and independence


This coaching package, it’s a powerful interpersonal process that stimulates and then quotes you to perform at a higher level while accelerating your development.


Up to fourteen two-hour coaching calls. The calls will be objective-focused and insight based.


Additionally to this same day response from 7 in the morning to 7 in the evening via WhatsApp and email 7 days a week.


As well as weekly Viber satnav days for strategy evaluation and Laser focused work driven days


The financial investment of this package is £6,250.


What value do you put on your future? 




Payment plans available



I am a professional footballer,

I am a professional footballer, I sought the of graham when I had ongoing trouble with my back. I sustained a stress fracture at under 15s where it kept me out of football for most of a season which was a huge physical and mental step back for me. Graham then took me on board rehabbed me and helped me greatly into making me the player I am today! Without Graham’s help, I don’t know where I would be. Not only does graham help you physically he also helps you mentally, he is always there to have a chat with you if you have any queries or problems, turning your mood from a negative one to a positive one! He gives you everything you need no matter what your physical goal may be, he is definitely someone who I will work with for a very long time.

worth every penny!

I’ve worked with Graham for over 10 years now in both professional and personal coaching. I’ve found Graham to be just the right mixture of supportive yet pushes for results. As a coach, he can be challenging and supportive. Graham is a natural who quickly creates an environment you can trust and the results are worth every penny!



A fantastic coach has an unlimited amount of knowledge completely transformed me – highly recommended.



Graham who over this year has brought a lot of peace to my life

Graham who over this year has brought a lot of peace to my life. I know I have obstacles coming in my life to climb but who hasn’t? But the good thing is I also know I have people who will help me to get over them.


thank you for giving words of wisdom

 Graham Turner thank you for giving words of wisdom in a manner that makes me quickly think “yes I get that”

Graham Turner I’ve had the pleasure to be guided with his coaching, telling me it’s not the things I can’t do that matter it’s the things I can do .ive started to do the things I put off due to being ill, I am following his words in my head, and questioning the old made-up pictures I’ve made in my head and make new pictures as the days go by .making a new start Graham doesn’t preach he’s laid back and tells you how it is, and I love this connection and he also makes me laugh


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