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Hi, I’m Graham Turner and this is my story. Some of my earliest memories were of me being told that I was broken and that I was no good, that I would never achieve anything of any value, or be good at anything at all. 


At a very young age, I found myself playing the victim, unwilling to take responsibility In any form, through my school years and into adult relationships all I ever heard was a negative version of myself. 


I created boundaries that would protect me and prevent me from being hurt and Labels such as dyslexia that defined me and used as excuses. I self-sabotage not only myself, my relationships and the successful businesses I created.


From the outside, my life looked perfect, with all the trappings of what society leads us to believe defines a perfect life.


However, the truth was very different, inside I felt like an empty shell of the person that I knew I could be. I remember the day clearly that I decided to stop being the victim in my life and start creating the life I would love.


Now I help humans like myself silence the inner critic and Persistent voice of disappointment, that holds them back from happiness and inner strength, so they can live in peaceful Tranquillity surrounded by those they love.


You don’t have to struggle alone as I did..


You don’t need to feel Anger, Frustration, Confusion, lost, Inadequate, Unworthy, Envy, or Self-judgment. 


You can have peace, tranquility, Freedom, love & integrity in your life. 


 I can help you find the answer, no matter if you’re young or old. 


You can have Lifelong solutions, created with simplicity at its core just like learning A to Z.


Complete your heroes journey as I have and walk in my footsteps, 

that I can show you the way out of your darkness as I have for others.


This is where I write more about me

Let’s take you back to the beginning. I married quite early in life and was a faithful obedient hard-working conscientious and loving father. Everything society expected me to be, so much so that I quickly started to lose my own identity. Martial arts that I loved stopped, the friends that I once had were lost and my own personal time was taking up with everyone else.


To be honest we were both living unfulfilled lives, neither happy nor communicating the reality of what was going on.  I don’t think we noticed it at first but then, we started to resent life and each other, being angry at situations and circumstances. Until one day 10 years into a marriage, I packed two black bin bags, walked downstairs, sat down, and had the painful conversation with my wife that I was leaving.


That conversation was the hardest, most painful conversation I had. It signified “I was a Failure” “I was incapable of being a man” and now lost with no identity, no home, or money in a personal bank account, very little to my name in fact.


I ended up going to my parents’ house, where I was greeted with suspicion, with anger with no emotional support or sympathy. I was already feeling a failure and responsible for the breakdown of my marriage and manhood. My parents backed up these thoughts as often as they could.


In short, I was mentally, physically, and financially broken, I felt there was no support, guidance, or help whatsoever. To me, my parents, the legal system, and ex all wanted to make me pay in whatever where they could.


It took years and another long relationship before I stopped looking to be fixed, I stopped looking to be someone else for other people. I stopped trying to get other people to love and like me and started working on liking and loving myself.


I started putting myself first, looking after my mental and physical body, making myself the priority, losing over 12 kilos of fat along the way, investing in my emotional well-being, and having the ability to look at myself in the mirror and saying I love myself on a daily basis.


I’ve learned a lot along the way not only from my journey and experiences, from the qualifications and training I have undertaken, the help, support, and guidance have given to others both professionally and personally. The wonderful relationships I have created and forged even broken ones with friends and family.


I want this for you… No matter how broken and isolated you may feel, have physically and emotionally you feel drained or empty. I want you to feel vital, healthy, and whole brimming with confidence and the ability to take on the world.

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