One-to-one powerful laser coaching:

Immersive coaching with you at the center of it all. Working on specific behavior improvements or specific issues over a finite amount of time and working proactively up to a maximum of 90 days on each project



Walk in the footprints I’ve made:

Mentoring: a sounding board working within the same field of relevant work or life experience. offering advice over any time period of life, generally working reactively to arising situations. This could be simply classed as a retainer over a six-month plus period depending upon the requirements of the individual.


Trusted Advisor

The Business Partner who has your back and never pulls punches:

A trusted advisor: this is a combination of both the Coach and Mentor giving practical advice on specific areas of behavioral, business, life, and personal whilst coaching proactively to preempt any future possibilities and events this is over a significant period of time 12 months + and also offers the most flexible working relationships between both parties.






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